"for a young child, tennis is pretty boring - a Nursery Tennis session is quite the opposite..."

Quality Tennis Lessons for Tots and Pre-school Children

How do we make teaching a child a new skill into something extraordinary? How do we ensure that mum and dad will hear all about tennis when they collect their child from the nursery?

We believe it's by being highly engaging, hugely energetic and knowing exactly how to teach fundamental tennis skills to youngsters. Not to mention our coaches being fully qualified and vastly experienced not just in tennis but in working with little ones too.

Below we've listed some of the factors that we think make Nursery Tennis the leader in tennis lessons for young players.

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Stories That Create Skills

Young children don't want to listen to a tennis coach drone on about grip types and racket angles. That's boring!

At Nursery Tennis we understand this and work with a 'story first' approach.

This means that we hide the skills we need to teach inside fun and engaging games that keep the players motivated.

A game involving 'smashed potatoes' might seem a bit silly but by playing it the child will have learnt the key parts of a tennis serve!

Stories that create skills - Nursery Tennis
We Understand How Children Learn

The majority of young children learn visually and kinesthetically which, in less fancy words, means they need to see and do.

The foundation of a Nursery Tennis session is the coach showing clear and humorous skill demonstrations with special attention paid to core elements.

Once the demonstration is over, it's time to play with the encouragement and guidance of the coach.

We understand how children learn - Nursery Tennis
Low Coach To Player Ratio

In our experience, many sports and activities try to pack as many children in to a session as they can. Nursery Tennis is different.

With a mission to deliver high quality tennis lessons we insist upon a low coach to player ratio which allows the coach to focus their attention on each child as an individual.

This means that the player spends more time playing and learning without getting lost in a crowd with no coach interaction!

Low coach to player ratio - Nursery Tennis
You Won't Miss Out On The Action

Whilst we know that your child will probably tell you all about their favourite Nursery Tennis games, we'd still like you to see what happens during our sessions.

Our secure parent area gives you updates on your child's skill progress, will show you the achievement badges they've earned and allow you to read comments from their coach.

With permission, we'll also upload photos of your child taking part in the activities so you can keep those moments forever.

You won't miss out on the action - Nursery Tennis
Skills For Life, Not Just For Tennis

Whilst tennis is our focus, it's important to note that a large portion of the skills taught are applicable to other sports too.

Why is this important? Well, it means that if your child decides that they wish to pursue a sport other than tennis the skills that they've learnt with us can be utilised to their advantage.

Not only that though, many of the games and activities we use help to build fundamental skills for your child both physically and mentally.

Skills for life, not just for fennis - Nursery Tennis
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